Building Relationships One Handshake At A Time

"The Evolution of K Thomas Enterprises"

Hello, I’m Kevin Thomas O’Connor. I formed K Thomas Enterprises “KTE” back in 2010. What started out as a simple Consulting company has evolved into a full service Construction Management Firm. At the early age of 18, Out of High School and all throughout college I started working with an established residential construction company which I went on to become part owner of for 10 successful years. Realizing how much I enjoyed the field of construction I sold my interest in the residential company and went on to work for a mid size commercial general contractor that serviced all of long island and the 5 boroughs. Working my way up through the ranks I honed my site safety, estimating and construction project management skill set. I developed a 100% client based hands-on approach to everything I was tasked to build which seemed to resonate with everyone that I had been fortunate enough to work with. I’m “Old School” in nature and firmly believe all long-lasting business relationships are built one handshake at a time. Achieving success in NY requires hard work, dedication, persistence and most of all attention. Understanding your audience and paying close attention to their needs gives KTE the Undeniable advantage over my competition which I feel is what all clients demand.

The O'Connor Family

When I’m not working and providing my clients with the unrivaled service, I can typically be found living vicariously through my kids Kevin Jr. and Madeline or spending quality time with my fabulous wife Shara. I'm a homegrown Long Islander born and Raised in Oceanside on the south shore of Nassau County. My family now resides and is firmly planted in the small town of Lake Grove located on the north shore of Suffolk County. My family loves donating back to the local community, being active, and engaging in local sports. I’m currently coaching my son’s basketball team and love teaching the younger generation whenever an opportunity presents itself. In my free time when I need to unwind you will find me in my garage working on one of my classic cars. Cars and Coffee is my passion. The Custom Car culture on Long Island has been considered by some to be the biggest in the country. The variety of different cars and people you meet along the way make the ride through life that much more enjoyable. The fact that my wife and kids are also into my passion could not make for a more perfect personal hobby. Being able to successfully manage my work life balance is very important and truly allows me to offer my very best to my family, employees and clients. The next time you have a project or development idea in mind lets discuss it over Cars and Coffee